Posted by: lrobertson202 | September 26, 2008

A Gander at Unity: Delta 15

This post is dedicated to the inspirational story of the Flight Delta 15. Though many of us have difficulty see past the normal competition of the neighboring Canadians this story must be told of the unity between our country and theirs on the day of 9/11/01.

Delta 15 was just as unfortunate as many who were requested to land immediately after the first attack was made on September 11th. In their hast of the situation pilots decided that Gander would be as good of place as any to make a safe landing. Though it was 400 miles away it was the closest available landing strip.

The flight attendents and airline staff made all attempts to keep the passangers calm in this situation and decided not to tell them exactly what was going on until they landed. Though they were all nerveous about the flight the great community of Gander and Lewisporte added the American flight with no questions asked and no problems. This is a great story of people banning together in great times of need and giving without any expectations in return.

Though the passangers were nervous at first on their three day journey; they learned to ban together and became close in the end. Read this Story in full and learn about the Delta 15 fund and how it was created, who it is for, and why this type of unity should be celebrated.

A Tribute to Delta 15: A Story to Remember

*Note: If you have a story you would like to tell about your personal accounts or those you know of please send them to:

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