Posted by: lrobertson202 | September 21, 2008

Surviving 9/11: Tower One a Nightmare I’ll Remember

This is the dedicated to Survivor Kim King-

Kim King worked in Tower One of the World Trade Center. She was on the 70th floor when the tragedy struck and by the hand of “God” through her calm thinking and the hand of others she is safe today.

Her unknowing courage and concern for others make her a hero in the eyes of many. Kim shared her story on 9/11 injured with the world to give the world her eye witness accounts of the tragedy and very real catastrophe of 9/11. Her story struck more emotions in me than I thought possible. But what she didn’t  tell you was her instinct to help her co-workers and friends. Her ongoing concern for their safety above her own.

She tells of Guardian angels; which we know there were many that day…but she was one of them. She was an angel for her friends Jill, and Linda. By keeping them with her; by being there she shared her strength with others. It is easy to see what others are doing to help the world but we so often fail to see our own good deeds. Today I want to thank her for her courage, and kindness, her love for those around her that helped them make it through that terrible tragedy.

If you would like to read Kim King’s Story you can read it at: 9/11 Injured. 

Each day we will feature a new survior or a story of those showing courage. So come back and join us.

Until next time,

Hold on to what you have and Cherish it….



  1. Kim is my 1st cousin, I gladly thank the powers that be for allowing her to survive that tragedy because yesterday May 4th, 2010, she had her first child, a little girl named Abigail. Abigail is our future. Blessed Be.

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